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When Should I Have My Carpets cleaned?

The answer to “When Should I Have My Carpets cleaned?" can be different for just about anyone. Carpets need to be cleaned for a variety of reasons from the homeowner preparing to sell, to the pet owner, to the renter moving out or for the customer looking for a good rule of thumb to maintain their carpet. Below we will dive into each particular situation and discuss the benefits.

Annual Cleaning
Generally speaking, it is suggested to have your home's carpet cleaned with hot water extraction at least once per year. Your carpet acts like a giant air filter in your home collecting any dust or allergens that may have become airborne throughout the year. You will notice rooms with carpet adjacent to hard services will typically “work harder” and become stained more quickly due to removing any debris on your feet, thus transferring to the carpet. The hot water extraction provides a sanitizing affect while the safe cleaning products utilized by Carpet Pro Cleaners will loosen soiling to then be rinsed from the fibers and removed from your home.

*Fun Fact: Every minute of the day we lose about 30,000-40,000 dead skin cells off the surface of our skin!

Pet Owners
Our furry friends are fabulous at greeting us at the end of a long day, while also sending pet dander and soiling into your home's air and carpet. Not to worry, having your carpet cleaned every 3-6 months will reduce pet dander and hair accumulation. In addition to regular cleanings for overall health of the home and carpet maintenance; Carpet Pro Cleaners also has 3 levels of cleaning for pet accidents. Learn More about our Pet Stain Removal. (Underline 'Pet Stain Removal' and Link to pet stain removal page)

*Fun Fact: 67% of households own a pet according to the American Pet Products Association!

Moving Out
Moving out of a space is a great time to have the carpets cleaned once all the furniture has been removed. Carpet cleaning can help improve the overall condition of the home or apartment and increase your chances of getting your security deposit or reduce the chances of a new tenant requiring more services from you. Carpet Pro Cleaners recommends having cleaners coming prior to scheduling your carpet cleaning as they will transfer dust onto the carpet during their final clean. The carpet cleaning can then be done and we will clean our way out of the home.

Water Extraction Emergency
Small flooding, water leak or sewer backups can create a vast amount of damage quickly. We offer Water Extraction to assist when disaster strikes. See how we can help. Click here.

Special Events
Prior to each holiday, carpet cleaning and tile cleaning are always a popular time for Carpet Pro Cleaners to visit. Whether it is before Thanksgiving or Christmas or that big birthday you are planning for a special someone, you can freshen up your space to show off your home to its fullest glory. OR you can reserve your cleaning for the post party spills and germ eradication. With carpet cleaning from Carpet Pro Cleaners, you not only get removal of soil and debris, but also a sanitizing effect to remove germs and allergens.

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